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BEST First Birthday Party Ideas

Are you a happy parent preparing for the 1st birthday party? Then check out our first birthday party ideas. You’ll definitely find here what you need.

According to the latest scientific research, the one year babies love birthday themes listed below and especially they love to swim with Rubber Ducky, dance with Elmo, enjoy Baby Einstein music, play with Care Bears and tracks, and of course watch relaxing Blues Clues shows. And most of all they love to smile. And you know, they love to smile so much that they even don’t care which party theme you pick.

Dear Parent, the First Birthday Party Ideas are designed for you. Pick the one that YOU like the most and enjoy the most. The baby will follow your happy tune and will play any game you invite him to play. So make it fun for yourself first and all of you will remember that first birthday forever. And, by the way, don’t forget to tape the whole thing – you and your child will enjoy watching the historical moments many times later. Happy Birthday!

Day by day are joining years!
Look how big baby grew!
First birthday party ideas
Today you are going through.

Please take our congratulations
And our special gift –
The best set of invitations
Is ready for you to print

The best first birthday ideas
And best birthday party themes
We hope enjoyable will be
For baby and baby’s guests.

Baby Einstein
First Birtday Party

Rubber Duck
1st Birtday Party

Care Bears
First Birtday Party

Blues Clues
1st Birtday Party

1st Birtday Party

First Birtday Party